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As a student in the physics program, you’ll have the opportunity to conduct research alongside and learn from award-winning professors in renowned research centers.

Numerous research opportunities exist for undegraduate students, both inside and outside of the regular classes. For example, in Advanced Laboratory class (Phys ...) students pursue semester-long research projects. Past projects include construction of the radiotelescope, operation of the ion rocket boosters, atomic resolution electron microscope, and even nuclear fusion. Undergraduate students are also encouraged to be involved in research under the guidance of the faculty members.

In fact, Dr. Donald Hagen, professor of physics, was one of two lead researchers from S&T that helped the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) win the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. For over a decade, Hagen and Dr. Phil Whitefield, professor and chair of the chemistry department, worked with the IPCC, researching the role of aircraft emissions on climate change. Their research, done in the university’s Center of Excellence for Aerospace Particulate Research, also received the EPA Climate Protection and NASA Group Achievement awards in 2007.

Atomic physics

sAtomic physics is a long-standing active field of study in our department. It is focused on both experimental and theoretical studies of the fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics by investigating systems which consist of just a hand-full of atoms. Learn more... 

Condensed matter physics

Condensed matter physics addresses the behaviour of the large collection of atoms. Particular areas of interest include quantum phase transitions, topological insulators, electronic, thermal and mechanical properties of advanced materials. Learn more...

Cloud and atmospheric physics

Our cloud and atmospheric physics group can offer research opportunities in both fundamental science as well as industrial applications. Aircraft emission measurements often require students to travel abroad in order to carry out corresponding measurements, adding an element of excitement to a very interesting field of research. Learn more...