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Dr. Gerald Wilemski





Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics

Research Interests:

Binary homogeneous nucleation and droplet growth, the compositional structure of binary nanodroplets, homogeneous aerosol formation in supersonic gas expansions, particle nucleation and growth in supercritical fluids, and small angle neutron scattering from nanodroplet aerosols.



  • 1972: PhD in Physics: Yale University, CT

Selected Publications

  • Wyslouzil, B. E., Wilemski, G., Strey, R., Seifert, S., and Winans, R. E.,"Small angle X-ray scattering measurements probe water nanodroplet evolution under highly non-equilibrium conditions," Phys.  Chem. 9,  5353 (2007).
  • Obeidat, A. and Wilemski, G.,"Gradient theory of nucleation in polar fluids," Atmos. Res. 82, 481 (2006).
  • Fisenko, S. P. and Wilemski, G.,"Kinetics of binary nucleation of vapors in size and composition space," Phys. Rev. E 70, 056119 (2004) .
  • Li, J.-S. and Wilemski, G., "Temperature dependence of droplet nucleation in a Yukawa fluid,"  J. Chem. Phys. 118, 2845 (2003).
  • Wilemski, G., "Neutron scattering from aerosols: Intraparticle structure factor, Guinier analysis of particle speed, and crossed beam kinematics," Phys. Rev. E 61, 557 (2000) .


Engineering Physics I Recitation (Physics 1135)