Dr. Donald E. Hagen



  • hagen@mst.edu
  • 102 Physics Bldg, 1315 N Pine St, Rolla, MO 65401


Cloud and aerosol physics

Research Interests:

Combined experimental and theoretical research in the fields of nucleation, water microphysics, and aerosol science. Combustion aerosol studies have involved the environmental effects of gas turbine and rocket engines and have led to sampling campaigns at ground-based industrial sites and in the upper atmosphere. Recent work has focused on measurement techniques to support jet engine certification requirements.


Personal Website:


  • 1970: PhD in Physics: Purdue University, IN
  • 1967: MS in Physics: Purdue University, IN

Selected Publications

  • Hagen, D.E., P. Lobo, P.D. Whitefield., M.B. Trueblood, D.J. Alofs, O. Schmid, “Performance Evaluation of a Fast Mobility-Based Particle Spectrometer for Aircraft Exhaust,” J. Propulsion and Power 25, 628 (2009).
  • Lobo, P., Hagen, D.E., and Whitefield, P.D., “Comparison of PM Emissions from a Commercial Jet Engine burning Conventional, Biomass, and Fischer-Tropsch Fuels,” Environmental Science and Technology 45, 10744 (2011).
  • Lobo, P., D. Hagen, P. Whitefield, “Measurement and analysis of aircraft engine PM emissions downwind of an active runway at the Oakland International Airport,” Atmos. Environ. 61, 114 (2012). 
  • Durdina, L., Brem, B., Abegglen, M., Lobo, P., Rindlisbacher, T., Thomson, K., Smallwood, G., Hagen, D., Sierau, B., Wang, J., “Determination of PM mass emissions from an aircraft turbine engine using particle effective density,” Atmos. Environ. 99, 500 (2014).
  • Lobo, P., Hagen, D., Whitefield, P., and Raper, D., “PM emissions measurements of in-service commercial aircraft engines during the Delta-Atlanta Hartsfield study,” Atmos. Environ. 104, 237 (2015).