Dr. George D. Waddill





Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Research Interests:

Atomic scale investigations of surfaces and interfaces, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and photoelectron diffraction for the study of the composition and structure of surfaces, interfaces, and thin films.


  • 1987: PhD in Physics: Indiana University Bloomington, IN
  • 1984: MS in Physics: Indiana University Bloomington, IN

Selected Publications

  • J. G. Tobin, S. W. Yu, B. W. Chung, G. D. Waddill, L. Duda, and J. Nordgren, "Observation of strong resonant behavior in the inverse photoelectron spectroscopy of Ce oxide," Phys. Rev. B 83, 085104 (2011).
  • T. Komesu, G. D. Waddill, S. W. Yu, M. T. Butterfield, J. G. Tobin, "Isolation of exchange- and spin-orbit-driven effects via manipulation of the axis of quantization," J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 28, 1371 (2010).
  • G. D. Waddill, D. P. Moore, O. Ozturk, “Photoelectron diffraction determination of the structure of ultrathin vanadium films on Cu(001),”  Phys. Rev. B 61, 7301 (2000).
  • S. R. Mishra, T. R. Cummins, G. D. Waddill, W. J. Gammon, G. van der Laan, K. W. Goodman, J. G. Tobin, “Nature of resonant photoemission in Gd,”  Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 1306 (1998).
  • G. D. Waddill, J. G. Tobin, X. Guo, and S. Y. Tong, “Spin-polarized photoelectron diffraction using circularly polarized x rays,” Phys. Rev. B 50, 6774 (1994).


  • Engineering Physics II Recitations (Phys 2135)