Daniel Fischer image
Dr. Daniel Fischer

Associate Professor



Experimental Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics

Research Interests:

Correlated Few-Particle Dynamics, Laser-Atom Interactions, Momentum Imaging, Laser Cooling.




  • 2003: PhD in Physics: University of Heidelberg, Germany

Selected Publications

  • R. Hubele, M. Schuricke, J. Goullon, M. Lindenblatt, N. Ferreira, A. Laforge, E. Brühl, V.L.B. de Jesus, D. Globig, A. Kelkar, D. Misra, K. Schneider, M. Schulz, M. Sell, Z. Song, X. Wang, S. Zhang, D. Fischer, “Electron and recoil ion momentum imaging with a magneto-optically trapped target,” Rev. Sci. Instr. 86, 033105 (2015).
  • S.F. Zhang, D. Fischer, M. Schulz, A.B. Voitkiv, A. Senftleben, A. Dorn, J. Ullrich, X. Ma, R. Moshammer, “Two-Center Interferences in Dielectronic Transitions in H2++He Collisions,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 023201 (2014).
  • R. Hubele, A. LaForge, M. Schulz, J. Goullon, X. Wang, B. Najjari, N. Ferreira, M. Grieser, V.L.B. de Jesus, R. Moshammer, K. Schneider, A.B. Voitkiv, D. Fischer, “Polarization and Interference Effects in Ionization of Li by Ion Impact,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 133201 (2013).
  • D. Fischer, D. Globig, J. Goullon, M. Grieser, R. Hubele, V.L.B. de Jesus, A. Kelkar, A. LaForge, H. Lindenblatt, D. Misra, B. Najjari, K. Schneider, M. Schulz, M. Sell, X. Wang, “Ion-Lithium Collision Dynamics Studied with a Laser-Cooled In-Ring Target,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 113202 (2012).


  • Advanced Physics Lab (Phys 3119 & Phys 3129)
  • Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (Phys 4343)