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Dr. Alexey G. Yamilov





Wave Transport in Complex Media

Research Interests:

Wave Diffusion in Confined Geometries, Localization Phenomena, Coherent Control of Wave Transport, Imaging in Turbid Media, Lasing in Complex Photonic Media, Metamaterials



Personal Website:


  • 2001: PhD in Physics: The City University of New York, NY
  • 1997: MS in Physics/Engineering (summa cum laude): Donetsk State University, Ukraine

Selected Publications

  • N. Bender, A. Yamilov, A. Goetschy, H. Yilmaz, C. W. Hsu, H. Cao, “Depth-Targeted Energy Deposition Deep Inside Scattering Media,Nature Physics 18, 309–315 (2022)
  • N. Bender, A. Yamilov, H. Yilmaz, H. Cao, “Fluctuations and correlations of transmission eigenchannels in diffusive media," Physical Review Letters 125, 165901 (2020)
  • H. Yilmaz, C. W. Hsu, A. Yamilov, H. Cao, “Transverse localization of transmission eigenchannels,Nature Photonics 13, 352 (2019)
  • A. Yamilov, R. Sarma, V. V. Yakovlev, and H. Cao, “Coherent injection of light into absorbing scattering medium with a microscopic pore,Optics Letters 43, 2189-2192 (2018)
  • M. Koirala, R. Sarma, H. Cao, A. Yamilov, “Inverse design of perfectly transmitting eigenchannels in scattering media,Physical Review B 96, 054209 (2017)


  • Modern Physics I (Physics 2311)
  • Classical Optics (Physics 4503)
  • Transport in Nanostructures (Physics 4533)