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Page 1 Don Madison named Curators' Professor of Physics
Phonathon 1999
Page 2  
Memo from the Chair 
1998 Degree Recipients 
Page 3  
1998-99 Scholarships 
From the President of SPS 
Page 4  
Alumni Notes 
Baumgardner Receives Degree 
Page 5  
Schearer Research Prize 
From the Schearer Prize Winner 
Bryson Receives Degree 
Page 6 Research May Improve Copiers
Undergraduate Publishes in Journal 
Page 7  
Millennium Arch Funded by Porter 
Zhang Joins Faculty 
Notes from Alumnus Mike Muehlemann 
Page 8  
Student Notes 
Aerosol Conference 
Page 9  
Faculty Notes 
Levenson Remembered 
Page 10  
Frontiers in Physics 
Lund Remembered