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A publication for alumni, friends, faculty and staff
of UMR's Physics Department
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Page 1 UMR Physics Department Hosts
Joint International Symposia
on Electron Collisions
Phonathon 2002
Page 8  
UMR Astronomy Intern 
Gaylord Professional Degree 
Page 2  
Memo from the Chair 
Hughes Zenor Remembered 
Page 9  
Alumnus Van Nostrand 
Alumnus Ereifej 
Dean's List 
Page 3  
Physics Department Sholarships 
Page 10  
UMR Ph.D. in Medical Career 
Alumni Notes 
Page 4  
Report from the SPS 
UMR Researchers Study Jet Engines 
Page 11  
Frontiers in Physics 
Faculty Thomas & Agnes Vojta 
Page 5  
Charge Transport in Polymers 
2001 Physics Degreee Recipients 
Page 12  
Eighth Annual Schearer Prize 
Prize Winner Ranasinghe 
Page 6 Faculty Member Carsten Ullrich
International Science Fair 
Page 13  
Faculty, Staff, and Student Notes 
Homecoming 2002 
Page 7  
Zirbel Makes Nobel Choice 
Packwood Professional Degree