Department Scholarships/Fellowships

Missouri S&T and the Physics Department provide many ways to help you meet your educational costs. Aid is available in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, campus jobs, and cooperative training.

A variety of scholarships and grants are regularly offered to qualified students. Students who do exceptionally well in high school and on the ACT or SAT exam are offered admission into the Five-Year Masters Program.A large percentage of physics freshmen qualify for this special program. This program comes with a large scholarship package and students in the program can start a research project in their senior year which enables them to complete a masters degree in their fifth year, if they so desire

Other large scholarships include out-of-state tuition waivers for National Merit scholars and others scholars of high caliber, Curators' Scholarships for high ranking Missouri high school graduates, Pell grants for needy students, and Physics Freshman or other uppperclassmen scholarships especially for physics majors, such as the Lee Woodmen Scholarships, the Harold Q Fuller Scholarships, the Chuck Rice Scholarships, or the B. Miller Scholarships.

Physics students are often hired by faculty to assist in research projects at the forefront of science. This gives our majors the type of practical experience that future employers find valuable. Some students also enjoy teaching and are paid to assist in the teaching laboratories or Physics Learning Center.

For complete information on financial aid, feel free to telephone the Missouri S&T Financial Aid Office at 800/522-0938 or 573/341-4282.