Study Abroad Experience

Future employers appreciate internationally minded students, so Missouri S&T has developed a fantastic Student Exchange Program that can send you to one of more than 40 foreign universities for a summer, a semester, or even a whole school year. One of Missouri S&T's most popular exchanges, the Missouri London Program, sends students to Imperial College for three- or six-week summer programs or semester-long courses that combine academics with field trips across the U.K. From Australia to South Africa, Italy to China, Missouri S&T students are making things happen all around the world.

Enroll and pay for a semester's fees at Missouri S&T then study at one of the participating international universities. You must be a full-time student in good standing, complete all required paperwork and a personal interview and demonstrate sufficient financial resources. (Financial aid applies, although certain scholarships may require preapproval.)

To learn more about Missouri S&T's Student Exchange Programs, please visit the International and Cultural Affairs website devoted to this important aspect of higher education.

The Missouri London Program

The British heritage forms an important thread in American daily life and Londonis a city of history, literature, theater, fine arts, design, technology, finance, and international business. A period of study in London will offer students the opportunity to deepen their appreciation of culture, literature, history, art, and technology. Thus, the Missouri London Consortium, in association with the Missouri London Program and CAPA International Education, have developed a program for the fall and spring semester in London. All courses have been structured so that academic credits earned by students are part of the regular authorized course offerings.  This allows students to make normal progress toward their undergraduate degrees while utilizing foreign resources and cross-cultural experiences.  Courses are taught by a combination of British and American academics.